PRTNRS - Marissa Alfe - Lauren Fitzgerald
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Us as partners.

Marissa and Lauren went to high school together, and reconnected eight years ago when they were hired at the same start-up. Both continued on their own paths: Marissa started her own talent agency, Greyscale, and has worked at the forefront of artist development in the beauty space—serving as a one-stop shop for both talent management and brand strategy. Lauren has launched several beauty and fashion brands from the ground up; she recognizes what it takes to create and manage a compelling, relevant brand in today’s dynamic environment.

They see an opportunity to bring elements of their long-standing friendship to the work as PRTNRS: committed to brand strategy and development on a personal, down to earth level. Both the talent and the client deserve equal attention (something that often falls to the wayside when working with larger agencies).

PRTNRS are open to alternative ways of success and prefer to hold their meetings over margaritas.