PTRNRS - Artists - Amra Olevia Reyes
Amra Olevic Reyes
A trailblazer in the beauty space, Amra has cultivated a loyal following that continues to look to her for product recommendations and inspiration.
PTRNRS - Artists - Ariel Tejada
Ariel Tejada
Makeup artist and visionary behind Kylie Jenner’s iconic looks, Ariel has built a coveted clientele from the art of the DM.
PTRNRS - Artists - Jess Rona
Jess Rona
The most influential groomer today, Jess has built a cult-like following with her signature musical slow-mo blowout videos and impressive celebrity pet clientele.
PTRNRS - Artists - Patrick Ta
Patrick Ta
With an uncompromising devotion to all things beauty, Patrick Ta has captured the attention of many young celebrities whom he counts among his top clients.
PTRNRS - Artists - Glen Oropeza
Glen Oropeza
Hair stylist, Glen Coco has his finger on the pulse of editorial style, with an eye for innovation and an attention to detail.
PTRNRS - Artists - Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez
For over a decade, Emmy-nominated hairstylist Robert Lopez has honed his craft working with top industry photographers, directors, agencies and artists.
PTRNRS - Artists - Marilee Albin
Marilee Albin
Celebrity Hairstylist Marilee Albin finds inspiration from all around her. Her minimalist yet timeless style has attracted some of Hollywood's leading actresses.
PTRNRS - Artists - Marilee Albin
Carly Fisher
Los Angeles based makeup artist Carly Fisher is known for fresh and creative approach to makeup. Carly believes in enhancing her client's natural beauty with a focus on skin but also loves experimenting with on trend color.